How a Shower got me Thinking about Skillful vs Unskillful Actions

I was having my usual morning shower, doing my best to be mindful of the activity, when I had a sudden impulse to increase the water temperature. Instead of acting on that impulse, I observed it carefully.

Upon close examination, this impulse was an attachment reaction to the pleasant sensations of the warm water on my skin. I wanted “more” of that pleasant sensation, more of that initial bodily pleasure and relaxation that you get when you first step into a warm shower. Since my body had acclimatized to the water temperature, I would need to increase it to recreate that feeling.


What is a Good Meditation?

You’re doing your meditation and it starts well enough. You feel focused. You’re observing your meditation object: possibly the breath, or a mantra, or something else.

And then the mind chatter starts. The mind starts chasing things around like a puppy. You try to reign it in and refocus, and it works for a few moments, and then puppy mind is off again!

What happened?