Join the 7 Day Mindfulness Kickstart Group!

Join us for a FREE 7 Day Mindfulness Kickstart (7DMK) Group starting
September 14, 2015. Meditation instructions, support and accountability to help you meditate at least 15 min per day, for 7 days.

For Beginners and More Experienced Meditators

7DMK is an online group program for people who are new to mindfulness meditation and want to give it a try, as well as for more experienced meditators who want to re-energize their daily practice with the support of a group.

Accountability to Motivate you to Meditate

Each person in the group will meditate at whatever time suits them best and then let everyone else in the group know that they completed their daily meditation practice. This helps to create accountability amongst the group members to meditate every day.

Instructions and Guided Meditation Provided

Supporting you to meditate every day for seven days is only the first half of the 7DMK. The other half of the program is all about helping you develop mindfulness in a straightforward and effective way.

You’ll be provided with clear, simple meditation instructions and a downloadable 15 min guided practice. Daily meditation tips and pointers are posted every day in the group that show you how to overcome some of the more common issues that people run into during meditation, including how to deal with mind wandering and thoughts, how to work with distractions and pain, and how to overcome drowsiness and dullness during meditation.

At any time during the seven days, you can ask questions about the instructions or about what you’re experiencing in your meditation practice. I check the group several times a day and will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

What Others Say

To date, over 3000 people from all over the world have signed up for the 7DMK since I started the group in October of 2013! Here’s how they felt about the experience:

Thanks to the 7DMK, I had a routine to follow: to meditate every day – with your fantastic emailed/facebooked tips and ideas. Before this I struggled intermittently on my own (for years!). The advice from you Nick, and the support of the group was invaluable.

Even if I didn’t manage to meditate one day, I would post that, and not be judged by my fellow meditators or yourself. I felt inspired to try again the next day with no guilt. Advice and answers to queries was available when needed and it was great to read other’s comments on their trials and tribulations! We are not alone!

Anne W.

Loved the interaction with you and all the helpful tips and advice you gave, it’s the individual attention to everyone’s comments that makes this programme stand out from the rest. I think the 7 day has been great! To be honest I was expecting some sort of a catch after I had signed up but there was none. Just really helpful resources, encouragement and information. Thank you, Nick, for your knowledge, wisdom and support.

Maxine T.

I took a chance, a leap of faith…I have gained confidence and self-belief, even in the short time, of making a commitment to meditate. I have gained new techniques, more awareness of what mindfulness is and isn’t, what it can do and a hint of it’s potential. The connections with others both here in the UK and wider afield with diverse backgrounds, insights, experiences all prepared to help others … Brilliant!

Gill G.

I benefited from participating in the 7DMK. I was successful, learned to look at meditation in a different way, and got exciting about carving out time for myself to just sit and be mindful. I would and did recommend this to anyone I know. Meditation is so beneficial and the way this is taught is easy to understand, even a beginner can get it. The guided meditations and commitment letter are key to keeping people on track. The Accountability and personable responses are truly beneficial in establishing and maintaining a practice. It was a delight to participate!

Kim M.

Ongoing Support

Once the group finishes, I won’t leave you hanging!

I’ll continue to send you a weekly email showing you the most straightforward meditation techniques for developing the skill of mindfulness, and how to apply that skill to transform your relationship with things like stress, anxiety, anger and other difficult emotions.

These emails will help motivate you to keep practicing and help you discover new ways to use your meditation skills in your daily life.

They’re also a great weekly reminder to continue with your daily meditation practice!

Sign Up for the Next Group

Currently, there are no 7DMK groups scheduled as I’m waist deep in updating my website and how the groups will be structured.

Fingers crossed that the groups will be up and running again later in 2017!