9 Ways to Transform Thoughts from an Annoyance to Rocket Fuel for your Meditation Practice

We have a shiny new batch of meditators who are participating right now in the 7 Day Meditation Kickstart group. There are people from Canada, the United States, the UK, Australia and New Zealand!

Usually, a couple of days into the program, many of the group members find themselves struggling with the ever-present bugbear of meditation:

Thinking, thinking and still more thinking!

What to do with all those thoughts?

How to ever get to a place of calm and peace with all that racket going on up there?


The Cure for Feeling Frustrated With Your Meditation Practice

In the current 7 Day Meditation Kickstart group, there’s been a lot of discussion going on about the difficulty of “staying focused” during the meditation session. In fact, this is a common theme that comes up in pretty much every meditation group I’ve ever led!

Here’s some advice I gave to the participants of this group, and I thought that I’d share it more broadly, because feeling frustrated when you’re having trouble keeping your attention from wandering all over the place is very, very common.

And there’s a pretty simple cure 🙂


Cultivating Spontaneous Moments of Mindfulness

“Dad! My earrings! I don’t have them any more!” Julia stopped suddenly in her tracks, eyes wide.

I looked down and noticed that the crumpled, purple sticky note, through which my daughter had carefully stuck her extra pair of earrings, was no longer in her hand.

We had gone to Granville Island together to get her ears re-pierced, and she had brought 2 pairs of earrings with her on that sticky note. After the procedure, we had walked around the market for a while and picked up a few things for dinner, during which she must have accidentally dropped the note.

It was while we were walking back to the car that she suddenly realized her hands were empty.


Have you Caught the Craving?

Today I thought I’d share an experience I had last year that sheds some light on the connection between desire or craving, a sense of identity and happiness.

Exploring this area of the mind is like peeling apart an onion, layer by layer. This blog post is an attempt to help you start peeling your own onion. 🙂