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While you’re waiting, I’d like to give you a couple of tips for working with thoughts to help you get started on the right foot.

Here’s Tip #1…

Tip #1: Thoughts are not evil

It’s really important avoid the trap of being at war with your own mind.

Thoughts are not evil or bad or even unwanted. Thinking is a natural activity of mind and an extremely useful activity!

It’s very helpful, both for your meditation practice and for living life in general, to take the following perspective:

  • Thoughts can be voluntarily produced by your conscious mind
  • Thoughts can also be spontaneously produced via the activity of the unconscious mind
  • Thoughts are not you
  • Thoughts can be observed as a mental process, arising and passing away in the mind

Taking this perspective will help you be a more objective observer of your thoughts, which is essential for bringing mindfulness to the thinking process.

Tip #2: Expect to get lost in thought

Expect to get lost in thought repeatedly as you practice the material in this course.

It’s going to happen.

Again and again and again!

So please don’t get frustrated or down on yourself.

With consistent practice, you will start noticing a dramatic reduction in how frequently you end up in La La Land during your meditation sessions.

Until you reach a point where you almost never get lost in thought while meditating.

But it does take practice and a bit of time to get there, so be patient.

Don’t try to jump ahead and take shortcuts — that will only undermine your progress.

What I’m teaching you in this course IS the shortcut =)

You’ll make the most rapid progress if you follow my instructions diligently and only move to the next stage when you’re truly ready (don’t worry, I’ll explain exactly how to do that in the course).

Go Ahead and Give it a Try!

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