Your First Step to a more Mindful Life

In the video below I explain some basic theory about mindfulness practice and show you how to begin training your mindfulness skills using meditation, based on my more than 20 years of meditation experience.

What you learn in this video will give you the necessary background to be able to follow along with the guided meditation I’ve provided for you and ensure that you’re meditating correctly.

This video is a condensed version of a couple of videos from the Mindfulness Crash Course.

The Mindfulness Crash Course is an online course I’ve developed specifically to take aspiring meditators from their very first meditation session, all the way to being able to meditate successfully on their own, without needing the support of a guided practice.

Along the way, you’ll learn what mindfulness is, exactly how your meditation practice develops it, and how to avoid the common mistakes and blind alleys that most people run into when first learning how to do this stuff.

I’ll also show you how to cultivate mindfulness in a very effective way so you can start to apply it in your daily life as quickly as possible (which, after all, is the whole point!)

To learn more about the Mindfulness Crash Course and watch some sample videos Click Here.

Guided Meditation for Beginners (15 min) (right click and choose “Save Link As…”).

This guided meditation is for people who are new to meditation, as well as those who have prior meditation experience but have never used the ‘noting’ technique (see the video above for more information about the noting technique and how it works).

I hope you enjoy the video and guided meditation as much as I enjoyed making them for you, and that you use them to develop your mindfulness skills.

If you have any questions about the meditation instructions, or comments that you’d like to share about your experiences doing the practice, I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me on Facebook at 30 Days of Mindfulness or via email:

Happy practicing,