How to Develop Mindfulness Effectively and Apply it to Your Life

I’d like to show you the most straightforward meditation techniques for developing the skill of mindfulness, and how to apply that skill to transform your relationship with things like stress, anxiety, anger and other difficult emotions.

I’ll also share a precise, effective, down to earth method for spiritual development (if that’s your thing), without all the fluff and hazy mystical language you’ll often run into with this kind of stuff.

Each week, I post new videos and other information on the 30 Days of Mindfulness Blog, based on my 20+ years of experience practicing this stuff (and more recently, teaching it to others).

Here’s a sample of some of the most popular topics I’ve covered recently:

  • How to Master Stress using Mindfulness: the Stress Surfing Technique
  • The Mindful Antidote to Waking up Tired and Cranky
  • How to be Mindful of Thoughts (rather than struggling with them)
  • How to Meditate in a Construction Zone (and other highly distracting environments)
  • How I used Mindfulness to Stop Eating Sugar (and how you can too)

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In addition to updates about the blog, I’ll also share with you more in-depth teachings about mindfulness and it’s applications, and let you know about upcoming courses and retreats.

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