What is a Good Meditation?

You’re doing your meditation and it starts well enough. You feel focused. You’re observing your meditation object: possibly the breath, or a mantra, or something else.

And then the mind chatter starts. The mind starts chasing things around like a puppy. You try to reign it in and refocus, and it works for a few moments, and then puppy mind is off again!

What happened?

Your meditation started really well and now it’s … ?

Now it’s exactly what it is.

You were doing the practice. Mind chatter, mind chasing after things is normal and expected and no problem at all. A “good” practice is not necessarily one in which the mind was “well behaved” (whatever that might mean), it’s one in which we notice, as best as we can, moment by moment, exactly what is taking place in each moment.

And much of what is taking place in each moment could very well be the interesting and sometimes quite amusing antics of the mind.

As long as you are aware of those antics, then you are doing an excellent practice!

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