Getting Back on the Cushion: How to Start Meditating Again After it’s Been a While

If you used to meditate regularly, but something happened and you stopped, you’re not alone. I’m constantly meeting people who, for various reasons, stopped their practice and are looking for a way to get started again.

How I Fell Off the Cushion

Before my first child was born, I was a pretty hard core meditator. I would practice 1-2 hours a day and I almost never missed a day. I made real progress. I was happier, in a way that wasn’t so dependent on my external circumstances. I had developed my daily meditation practice into a habit, or so I thought.

Then, my daughter Julia was born.

Those of you with kids are probably nodding your heads now and giving me the knowing smile. 🙂

After Julia’s birth, I got sooo sleep deprived. She was our first child and was colicky and my wife and I felt totally overwhelmed. And, to my surprise, I stopped meditating. Even though I had made it a habit. Even though I was getting real benefit from it in my daily life. And after I stopped, I didn’t pick it up again until 8 years later.

I had no support network in place to help me get going again after my daughter was born. I had been trying to do it all on my own.

That was my big mistake.

Start Meditating Again, the Fun and Easy Way

When it comes to meditation, exercise, or any other kind of activity that’s easy to not do because “I don’t have the time. I’m too busy right now,” it’s way more fun and much more effective to do it with other people.

So, if you’re looking for a way to dust off your meditation practice and get on that cushion again, get together with some like-minded people and restart your practice the fun and easy way.

You can do it as a team with your partner or spouse.

Or, get together with some friends who are also interested in meditating every day.

You may even have a local meditation group you can join for daily or weekly sits.

The 7 Day Meditation Kickstart Group

Or, if that’s not your situation, then come and join us on Facebook for a week of daily meditation practice, encouragement and support. I’ve started a private group designed to help you restart your practice, no matter how busy you are. All you need to do is make the commitment and show up!

The program is called the 7 Day Meditation Kickstart and is completely free. Similar groups that I have run in the past had a nearly 100% success rate, and I bet it will work for you too! You can find more information here.

Since restarting my practice, I’ve missed only a handful of meditation sessions in the last 3+ years. And even when I do miss one, it doesn’t snowball into a week, a month, or a year of missed practice.  Not because I developed an incredible will, but because I made my practice a habit and built the supports I needed to keep at it during difficult times.

Please leave a comment and share your experiences. Did you used to have a solid practice, only to have it evaporate after some big life event? If so, were you able to “get back on the horse” and how did you do it? Do you have any tips to share about how to keep a practice alive even in the face of difficulties?

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2 Responses to “Getting Back on the Cushion: How to Start Meditating Again After it’s Been a While”

  1. Pam

    Hi Nick,
    I stopped my practice when I when on a trip and ended up with little or no sleep and came back and did not start again. This was just about a year ago now. I am looking forward to doing this again. I started last night with my group and Bob is out of town for a couple of days. I look forward to your questions. Pam

  2. Martyn

    I used to practice quite hardcore too. I used to do vipassana meditation daily (sometimes twice daily) and attend 10 day x 11 hour silent sittings. I literally lived on my cushion. Then one day I just ‘stopped’. No big life change or anything.

    Im now getting back on that horse as I feel that losing my practice has created a void in my mental well being. I may just keep it at a 1/2 hour practice and journal the results. I’ll let you know.

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