Running Time: 3:20

Welcome to week 1. This is an exciting day! This is where it all starts.

Week 1 is all about the core skills and techniques of mindfulness meditation. And, frankly, if you don’t go through anything else, if you just go through this, you’ll learn more and be on a much more solid footing in your practice than if you went through the majority of meditation books and courses out there.

This week, we’ll be doing the core work that’s going to be essential for you to understand and be able to apply what you learn in the coming weeks. So, it’s really important that you go through everything here.

That being said, be gentle on yourself. You’ve got a week. You don’t have to rush. And you can also circle back and visit this material later if you need to. Just go through it at a sustainable pace and do your best. And remember, you also have the power of the 30 Days of Mindfulness community behind you. We’ll help you every step of the way.

Try to go through the videos and exercises in the order they’re presented. This will make learning the material easier.

Also, if you already have some meditation experience, you may be tempted to think “oh, I already know all this stuff. I don’t need to do that. I’ll just skip ahead.” Some of this stuff will probably be a review for you, but my advice is to pretend this is all new to you and go through it anyway. You will probably find some gems that will make a significant difference in your practice, or hear a different perspective on things you may already be familiar with, that can lead you into a deepening of your meditation.

The 30 Days of Mindfulness is all about turning your daily meditation practice into a rock solid habit, and teaching you a foundational set of skills that you can use to take your meditation as far as you want to go.

To make the first part happen, you need to make sure you practice every day and post about it every day in the Facebook group. Not only will this hold you accountable, making it easier for you to stick with it, day after day, until it really does become a habit, but these daily posts are a huge source of support and encouragement for everyone else in the group.

Another reason to post in detail every day is that I have a lot of insight, tips and helpful suggestions I want to share with you, way more than I can possibly fit into these videos. But I need to know where you’re at in your practice before I know what might be helpful for you. So, I want to encourage you, when you post each day about your meditation practice for that day, to put in a lot of detail about your practice.

Tell me what your meditation object was. Tell me what your intention for that session was – and we’ll talk more about setting goals this week. Tell me what you noticed about your meditation object. Give me the details. What was the quality of your awareness? What other objects of consciousness – we’ll talk more about those this week as well – what other objects were you aware of? What did you notice about them? Did your attention wander off your meditation object? How often? What did you do when you realized your attention had wandered? And so on. The more detail you give in your post, the more helpful I can be in terms of suggestions and what to pay attention to. If you just say “I did my practice today. My mind was all over the place”, I can’t help you very much.

Ok, that’s enough for now. There’s some great stuff waiting for you in the material for week 1. Dive in and enjoy and post all your questions and comments in the FB group.