Module 1

The Big Picture

Before I get into what mindfulness is and how to develop it, I want to give you a very high level overview of the mindfulness landscape, so you can see where this course, and your efforts, fit into the bigger picture…

What Mindfulness is and What it Isn’t

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of developing mindfulness, it’s important that you understand what mindfulness is and what it isn’t. This is especially important because many people seem to use this word to mean many different things, so it can get pretty confusing.

I’m going to be very specific in my definition of the word mindfulness, so you will know exactly what it means and how to practice it…

How to Train Mindfulness Using Meditation

This course is all about how to develop mindfulness, how to train it, because, after all, mindfulness is a trainable skill.

And, probably the most effective way to train mindfulness is through mindfulness meditation. So, I’m going to be spending most of this course showing you how to properly do that.

I’ll be teaching you a type of meditation called “Noting practice”…