How to Meditate in a Construction Zone

Most of us don’t meditate under ideal conditions. We have to contend with traffic noise, the neighbour’s dog barking, roommates, and so on. While meditating, distractions are our constant companions.

So, how do you handle distractions while meditating?

This is such a great question because hidden in the answer is the key to how to deal with pretty much any challenge you face, both in meditation and in your life.

This is a video version of an earlier post I wrote on handling distractions while meditating. You can read that earlier post here.

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12 Responses to “How to Meditate in a Construction Zone”

  1. Peter McGuirk

    Hi Nick :))
    I am doing your 7 day kickstart. I have been searching for a “method of meditatiin” for a number of years studying many different “methods.” Recently I have been practicing a “method” that “works.” Coincidentally it is similar to what Yoou are teaching so I am a bit of a fan of what You are doing.
    Thanks and Regards Peter

    • Nickolas Grabovac

      Hi Peter, I know what you mean about searching for a “method” that works! It’s amazing when you finally find it for yourself. It’s great to have you in the 7DMK group and I’m glad you’re enjoying it =)

  2. scott

    The fortune of a bird singing amongst the urban jungle brought a very peaceful moment that makes it all worthwhile. Namaste

  3. Gill Gentles

    Very interesting… Did it and it does transform…as there is no longer a battle with the noise or a dialogue as to how come.. Why… An agenda against peacefulness so very useful… Thank you 🙂

    • Nickolas Grabovac

      Well put Gill – the battle does indeed go away. I’m glad you tried it and it worked for you =)

  4. Tracey Moore

    Fantastic! Confirms i am on the right track with my own meditating technic. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Marie

    Thank you for this information. I found the practice session ver interesting. My reaction to some noises was so different from that to others. I can see a significant benefit to this approach. I’m not certain my cat will like it as much 🙂

    • Nickolas Grabovac

      I’m glad you found it helpful Marie. I’m sorry for your cat =)

  6. Peri

    Interesting video, thought provoking too. I have used sounds as part of meditation before and find it sometimes helps with the transition and also can still my mind. The thing I can’t ignore is itches. It’s like my head or nose always get itching just as I settle into to meditate. Perhaps next time I’ll try this method and see if I refrain from scratching.

  7. Amy

    i found while hearing the sounds I would feel stress in different parts of my body.
    I always looked at distractions as bad but now I can see them objectively and see how they play a role.

  8. Beth

    My husband’s snoring used to keep me awake and I would become very irritated. I finally decided to focus on the sound of his snoring instead of my breath and it worked! At times, instead of being irritated I felt comfort and gratitude and I was able to fall back to sleep. Please note I said ” at times”. It didn’t work every time, but it helped to change my attitude towards something that had been so irritating. I hadn’t thought of using this approach in my daily meditation. I’m going to watch your video again right now!

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