Practicing Generosity

There is no set fee for taking the Mindfulness Crash Course, because, after all, the Buddha’s teachings are priceless.

So I offer this course to you for dana.

What’s dana?

Dana is a Pali word that can be most simply translated as “generosity”

There’s a long tradition going back to the time of the Buddha (over 2500 years ago) of offering these teachings to whoever would listen to them (they were given orally back them – no super internet streaming video techo-wizardry in those times).

In exchange, the student is asked to reflect on what this information is worth to them and make an appropriate financial contribution to support the work of the teacher and the continuation of the tradition.

This is called “giving dana” or “practicing dana”.

I practice dana, or generosity, by offering these teachings without a price tag. You can practice dana by making a financial contribution.

Your contribution allows me to continue offering the teachings to others (and helps defray some of the costs of keeping this website running, video hosting, etc).

I know, I know, this may seem a little archaic in this day and age!

But it’s a great opportunity to step out of our habitual materialistic patterns of behaviour and relate to each other on a deeper, more meaningful level.

I hope you’re finding the Mindfulness Crash Course useful to you and feel that it could also be helpful to others.

If so, you can financially support this work by selecting an amount to give in the pulldown menu below and clicking the “Give Dana” button. This will send you to a secure PayPal payment page for the amount you selected.

Thank you for your generosity!

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