The 30 Days of Mindfulness Program - 30 Days of Mindfulness

The 30 Days of Mindfulness Program

Learn How to Deepen your Mindfulness Practice and Apply it in your Daily Life You may have read about mindfulness in a book, or taken a course or retreat, and been inspired by the possibilities. Inspired by the potential for transformation that mindfulness offers. And yet, there’s often a disconnect between our aspirations and our ability. How do you actually get to a place where your mindfulness is strong enough that you can be calm and fully present, no matter what the day throws at you? How can you use mindfulness to transform how you relate to your conscious experience? So you can experience the joy that’s present even in the most mundane acts of everyday life. So you can feel your emotions, without habitually reacting to them. So you can deepen your sense of connection and feel more grounded in your spiritual path. If you’ve wondered about these things, then you may be interested in a 30 day program that I offer a few times a year. It’s called the 30 Days of Mindfulness and it’s designed to do three things: Make your daily meditation practice a rock-solid habit Take your mindfulness meditation skills to the next level by teaching you the not-so-obvious little details that can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your practice Show you how to systematically apply those skills to make dramatic improvements in your daily life Who is this Program For? This program is very intense and requires a considerable commitment, so it’s definitely not for everyone. This also isn’t the best course for absolute beginners. While I have had beginners in the course in the past, most of them agreed that they found it a little overwhelming and probably should have had more exposure to meditation and mindfulness practice before taking … Continue reading The 30 Days of Mindfulness Program