Transform Thoughts from Annoyance to Rocket Fuel: Resources

Here is a selection of resources to help you transform your thoughts from a source of frustration and annoyance into a productive avenue for the development of mindfulness and the cultivation of wisdom.

One page cheat sheet

Here’s a PDF you can download that summarizes the tips from my blog post 9 Ways to Transform Thoughts from an Annoyance to Rocket Fuel for your Meditation Practice that you can print out on a single sheet of paper. Refer to it anytime you start to feel frustrated or disappointed that your meditation practice isn’t as clear or peaceful or relaxing as you want it to be because thoughts keep popping up and “disturbing” you.

Guided Meditations

Here’s a selection of Guided Meditations that you can use to help you practice some of the tips and techniques that I described in this blog post and that are summarized in the one page PDF above.

Guided Meditation for Beginners (15 min) (right click and choose “Save Link As…”).

This guided meditation is for people who are new to meditation, as well as those who have prior meditation experience but have never used the ‘noting’ technique. In it, you will practice noticing and mentally labelling the rising and falling sensations of the breath, as well as thoughts.

Guided Meditation for Intermediates – Level 1 (15 min) (right click and choose “Save Link As…”).

This guided meditation is for people who are already familiar with the ‘noting’ technique or have gotten the hang of the Guided Meditation for Beginners and want to try something a little more challenging and comprehensive. It begins in the same way as the meditation for beginners and then adds working with other physical sensations and sounds to the practice.

Guided Meditation for Intermediates – Level 2 (15 min) (right click and choose “Save Link As…”).

This guided meditation is for people who are ready for the next level of practice: expanding their attention to include everything in their conscious awareness as a meditation object. This meditation helps you build a continuity of attention as you flow from sensation to sensation, an essential skill that will help you apply mindfulness to your daily life activities.

These three guided meditations are taken from my Mindfulness Crash Course, an online course I’ve developed specifically to take aspiring meditators from their very first meditation session, all the way to being able to meditate successfully on their own, without needing the support of a guided practice.

To learn more about the Mindfulness Crash Course and watch some sample videos Click Here.